Theater Company

Once upon a time, with a few characters and a little bit of magic, Miguel Pino merged a beautiful story with a puppets theater in “The Brave Peneque Adventures”.

Back in 1959, a suitcase and a fistful of illusion made of him a modern puppets theater pioneer. Full of innovation, he brought these cardboard and felt characters from town squares to big theaters. Every day they discovered new squares, different villages, and historical theaters all around our great geography.

The verse “Peneque, Peneque, where are you?” was shout by thousands of children, generation after generation. Maybe even you were a part of one of our adventures.

From that moment on the Miguel Pino firm is a symbol of international quality regarding family entertainment field.

Nowadays, our characters’ magic arrives with wonderfully original stories, in a live show brought by the hand of Miguel and Antonio Pino, sons of Miguel Pino and heirs of this long lasting tradition.