King Simpatias entrust the royal treasure to Bolo el Sabio for safekeeping. However, two scary characters, Filibud and the Pelosblancos witch, will appear to take over his most precious goods.

Later, the King will blame Bolo for the treasure disappearance and will eject him from the Castle without attending to any explanations. Peneque the Brave, with the help of the children, will win against Filibud and his accomplice the Pelosblancos witch and recover the lost treasure.

But… Can King Simpatias and Bolo be friends again?


In this play, we pay tribute to Mr. Bernardo de Galvez. It begins with his early life in Macharaviaya (Málaga, Spain) and follows to his most great feat at Peñiscola Bay.

Next, we will tell what would have happened to his lost portrait, originally thought to be exhibited at Washington Capitol, and how it ended at the offices of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the US Senate.


A mysterious ship docks at King Simpatias Castle. It’s the Caratuerta Pirate! He deceives the King’s daughter, Princess Linda, and locks her up in the ship hold. He will only release her in exchange for a full bag of gold coins…

This time, Peneque the Brave will need of all his inventiveness to finally free the Princess.


A young people group meet to rehearse. They are flamenco lovers. One day, they receive an unexpected visit from a new character: Duende Flamenco. This cheerful elf is here to give them potions to improve their art.

But then, the Aliquindoy witch changes the potion and everything goes worst and worst: they can’t sing! Or even dance or play the guitar.

Peneque the Brave will discover what have happened and will solve this situation by replacing the bad drink with the good one.


King Simpatias visits The Palace of the Sun with his daughter Princess Linda. Once there, a wizard called Fu man Chi will send his cook in order to put the King to sleep with a meal called “pucherín pucherete”.

Will Peneque be able to defeat such a powerful wizard?


Princess Linda and Bolo el Sabio are playing peacefully at the village square when, suddenly, an idea comes to their heads: celebrate the King’s birthday with a party!

When The Great Cadabra Wizard arrives to the party, everybody thinks that he is there to enlivening the party… But he has other idea in mind. He will turn the King into a chicken and the Princess into Little Red Riding Hood with his incredible powers.

Bolo finds out Cadabra’s malevolent plan and quickly goes looking for Peneque who, with some help from the children, will save the Princess and the King.


It is Christmas time, everybody prepares for celebrating these important dates. Inside King Simpatias’ Palace, the three kings of Orient are expected impatiently.

What they do not expect is that the Aliquindoy witch will steal the Christmas Star, which guides and shows the path to the three kings of Orient.

Peneque, with the help from the children, will recover this shiny star so everyone can continue celebrating this festival.


King Simpatias and his daughter Princess Linda are preparing their vacation. Destination? The astonishing Amazonian Rainforest. Vegetation, fauna, a world full of color and life… Lots new sensations for the King and the Princess.

But someone has followed them from the beginning… It is the Aliquindoy witch, an expert on exotic plants. Her objective is creating a whole new species of carnivorous plants that would help her taking control of the kingdom.

We all, with the help of Peneque, will try to save the King.


Mr. Pino and Tivolin present Miguel de Cervantes life’s work to children.

It starts with the story of Don Quixote and his loyal squire Sancho Panza.

We welcome in our puppets theatre to these two heroes who, after coming through a field of windmills, are received in King Simpatias’ Palace.


Doctor Perillas has a new and revolutionary invention: the “cartuchín cartuchito”, a magical gadget that makes children dreams come true. King Simpatias and his daughter Princess Linda are very glad with this incredible invention.

However, the Pelosblancos and Aliquindoy witches have other plans for this “cartuchín cartuchito”. First, they steal it, and after that they make the King fall asleep.

Thanks to Bolo el Sabio and the help of children, Peneque is called, and he recovers the Doctor’s invention and saves the King.